Microfiber Cloth COVID-19

Microfiber Cleaning for COVID-19

How to use microfiber tools safely and effectively

 The Environmental Protection Agency, weighing in on the marvels of microfiber, has touted its ability to remove large quantities of microbes as it cleans and also absorbs seven times its weight in water! With the battle against COVID-19 upon us, microfiber can serve as a powerful weapon to fight this virus one cleaning at a time. 

There’s some significant science behind the magic of microfiber. It seems that cleaning-grade microfiber, called split microfiber, contains fibers that are 200 times thinner than a single human hair. This means higher absorbency, which in part is why microfiber cleaning cloths and mops work so well, especially for removing dirt, oils, grease, and wet messes from surfaces.  

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Sanitize It: Living Room Edition

If you’ve been reading this series, again: it’s all about the process. And since the living room is meant to be lived in (as opposed to your bathroom which invites  more of an obligatory stay of residence), you’ll want to take care in cleaning and sanitizing to create a space worth – well – living in