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Conscientious Cleaning Can Bolster Bookings

Whether you regularly let out a rental space, host your home, or take your personal refuge in the comfort of a well-situated home-away-from-home, regular cleaning and maintenance are critical now more than ever. Generally speaking, Airbnb bookings have been in decline due to travel restrictions and orders to shelter in place, but in the spirit of looking forward and doing a little prospecting, spending some time doing extra home maintenance and cleaning today could pay off (even if not right away!).

Eventually we’d all like to get back to whatever the new “normal” is going to be and that will include travel. Already many city dwellers have found it necessary to commence on a very early summer home retreat. The world has changed and so we have changed in order to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy. Inevitably this will extend into many arenas, including the care with which consumers go about selecting a vacation rental.

Airbnb, the best known homeaway rental platform, already holds its hosts to very high standards, with penalties for hosts who routinely receive low cleanliness scores. And even so, the COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally  raised the bar for hosts and vacation seekers’ standards. In hopes of sunny, warm and healthier days ahead; here are some suggestions to help you implement a more conscientious cleaning routine based on CDC recommendations and advice from experts in rental property management. 

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In Defense Of Bleach

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world taking a second look at how we think about and do so many things. Among those, cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most critical practices to consider at this time.