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How Our Cleaning Company Began

Over 15 years ago, Amanda made the decision to start her own business, leaving behind her love of social work, in exchange for the opportunity to help others in a much different arena. Trading in the criminal justice system for marathon cleaning sessions, Amanda started the residential cleaning company, A la Maid. This might sound like a drastic change of pace but if you ask Amanda, she’ll tell you she’s only carrying on an alternative form of social work. She and her family live locally and continue to provide a clean, healthy and ultimately happier environment for each and every one of her clients and their loved ones.

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Our Mission

Building Trustworthy Relationships.

Our mission, “building trustworthy relationships,” is the backbone of A la Maid’s culture. Everything our cleaning company does, from the care and consideration we provide to our customers, to hiring and vetting the right individuals to clean for us, to giving back to the community is based on trust. Even when we make mistakes, you can trust A la Maid will always do what is right.

Our Guarantee

A la Maid does more than just take care of homes—we take care of people. We strive to make your life simpler by handling some of your everyday chores. You worry enough about so many other things—why stress about cleaning the house? Part of what sets us apart from our competition is delivering exceptional results that are not only awe-worthy, but guaranteed. Worry-free service is something you can count on time and time again. At A la Maid, we settle for nothing less.

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, let us know within 24-hours and we will gladly return and make it right at no additional charge. Restoring balance to your space is what we do, so making sure you get results that you can see and feel matters most to us.

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