Our cleaning team

Our cleaning team is staffed with a crew of cheerful, experienced and passionate staff. We believe the key to our success is our people. From the professional office to the kind and caring cleaning artists to the talented trainers… everything we do is focused on delighting you. Take a moment to get to know them here or feel free to drop by one of our offices to meet us in person.

Cleaning Company Owners

Amanda & Derek, Owners

Hello! I’m Amanda. Over 15 years ago, I made the decision to start my own business, leaving behind my love of social work, in exchange for the opportunity to help others in a much different arena. Trading in the criminal justice system for marathon cleaning sessions, I started the residential cleaning company, A la Maid. This might sound like a drastic change of pace, but if you ask me, I’m only carrying on an alternative form of social work. My family and I live locally and continue to provide clean, healthy and ultimately happier environments for each and every one of our clients and their loved ones.

Polly, Owner

Polly, Owner

Hello! I’m Polly. After teaching first grade at a Catholic school for 12 years, I decided to try my hand at something new to supplement my income and help pay for my son’s college tuition. A natural organizer, (teachers seem to have that down pat) I can remember spending many hours cleaning with my mother as a child. I liked the cleaning and organizing so much that I would even make a mess of my own room just so I could clean it back up! After getting involved with A la Maid, I picked up the trade quickly and began to explore the opportunity of opening my own business. And with the help from A la Maid owner Amanda, A la Maid by Polly was born. What started off as “just cleaning,” became something I could call my own.

Your home is your sanctuary, your safe and sacred place.  That being said, taking the step to hiring a cleaning service to invite into your home can be stressful. A la Maid’s professional teams undergo a thorough background check and training process to ensure high quality personalized service.

We respect the security and sacred space that is your home and treat your family and fur babies as our own. Our teams truly care and are also accompanied on each and every job by a trained team leader. Team leader supervision of our skilled cleaning artists ensure work orders are followed to meet your unique specifications. Our cleaning company administrative team works closely with our teams to perform routine quality checks. We want to ensure you are fully satisfied with our service.

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