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Things You May Be Forgetting To Clean…But Shouldn’t

A top to bottom deep house cleaning is an ever-elusive thing of beauty in my eyes, but but it’s always good to have goals — #housegoals! That being said, it was no surprise to me that there are many common areas and items around the house that many of us don’t regularly (if at all) clean. So here it is — I give you the Top 40 of things you may be forgetting to clean…but shouldn’t!

  1. Pillows: both down and fiberfill pillows can go in the washing machine. You can wash up to two full-sized pillows at a time following the instructions on the care label. 
  2. Windowsills and tracks: Dust away any loose dirt and dead bugs (or use a vacuum with a brush attachment). Use a spray bottle of white vinegar to spray the area and let it sit for a minute. Wipe with paper towels and use Q-Tips for those hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Kitchen drawers and cabinets: empty, wipe clean, restock/reorganize.
  4. Patio furniture: often forgotten but only really needs to be done once a year.
  5. Shower curtains should be pulled down to wash or replaced if needed.
  6. Credit, debit, ID cards in your wallet: A 2012 study found that one in 10 bank cards were contaminated with fecal matter. Wipe the card with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe, then gently scrub the magnetic strip with an eraser.
  7. Keys are another item you use daily, so they can definitely use a wash. To keep them clean and prevent rust, scrub with lemon and salt and rinse with dish soap. If they’re already rusty, soak them in a vinegar and water mixture for 20 minutes, rinse, then put them back in for another 30 minutes. 
  8. Garbage receptacles: they may be used for trash but they don’t have to look and smell like it too!
  9. Doorknobs: think about all the hands and germs and how many times you don’t take the time to disinfect them.
  10. The swept under the rug areas: literally or figuratively. 
  11. Bath toys: take the time to remove mold and prevent it by allowing bath toys to fully dry out before storing. 
  12. Other toys: tiny hands plus tons of toys equals bacteria breeding grounds.
  13. Computers, screens & keyboards: dry dust or enlist the help of a screen cleaning product that’s safe for your equipment.
  14. Reusable grocery bags: if you’re able toss in the washer or wipe with disinfectant wipes.
  15.  Laundry bags and baskets: run them through the washer or give them a good wipe down.
  16. Reusable water bottles: sometimes tricky to clean
  17. Inside and under the fridge: clean every compartment wipe shelves and throw away outdated foods.
  18. Deep cleaning inside the oven.
  19. Flip your mattress and give it a good vacuuming.
  20. Window screens: these can be pulled out and rinsed off. 
  21. Drapes/curtains: some can be washed in the washer or vacuum heavier ones. Others may require dry cleaning.
  22. Don’t forget to look up…and clean the ceiling fan!
  23. Garage: not just the junk you accumulate there but also the walls, shelving and floors that take a beating with car fluids grime and dirt.
  24. Back of the closet: be on the lookout for mold.
  25. Underneath appliances.
  26. Cell phone and headphones: think about all the places you and your phone go.
  27. Outdoor light fixtures can be wiped with glass cleaner. You might also want to take the time to replace old bulbs while you’re thinking of it.
  28. Purses/handbags: along the same lines as the cell phone ladies.
  29. Houseplants: they may beautify and add a green touch to your home, but they also collect dust! Use a feather duster to swipe away buildup. 
  30.  With hot weather ahead, don’t forget to hit the AC. Air conditioners collect big time dust build up which can lead to reduced efficiency if untreated. 
  31. Vacuum cleaner brushes and attachments: check the manual for instructions.
  32. Yoga mats: many all-purpose cleaners can eat away at the material so a mild soap and water is your best bet.
  33. Toothbrush holders: soak with three parts water, one part bleach or simply run it through the dishwasher if possible.
  34. Top of the refrigerator: wipe it down to get rid of dust and grime.
  35. Toilet paper holders collect dust and, nature of the beast, germs. Dishwasher/washing machine — also do check out our blogs on how to best clean these appliances.
  36. Backpacks: to school and back, they bring back more than homework.
  37. Bath sponges/loofahs: you may want to reconsider using one at all 
  38.  The attic: ‘nuff said.
  39.  The freezer, which should be defrosted regularly.
  40.  With all this cleaning ahead of you, you’re gonna need some coffee. So don’t forget to clean that Keurig or coffee maker!

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