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Answers to Your FAQs About Our Cleaning Services

Trusting someone to come into your home and clean is a big decision and one we expect you don’t take lightly. Trust and customer satisfaction are extremely important at A la Maid. As a result, we take every step possible to ensure you are always completely satisfied with our services. That being said, we are sure you have some FAQs and concerns and we are prepared with the answers.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about our services, billing policies, staff and more.

Trust and Reliability

Are you fully insured?

Yes! Safety and protection is a top priority for us. We always look out for our clients and our maids.

Can I trust my maid?

Absolutely! All of our maids are employees of A la Maid. We do not hire subcontractors and carefully screen and train all of our maids on a regular basis. We treat your belongings and property with the utmost care and respect.

Will my maid speak English?

All of our maids are required to read, speak and write English. It is important that you are able to communicate with your maid so we can offer you the most comprehensive and customized service available.

Scheduling Questions

Can I pick which day I want services?

Absolutely! We work Monday – Saturday (and on special occasions) from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. We make every effort to accommodate your date and time selection.

Must I be home on the day of service?

Another one of our FAQs is if you need to be home at the time of service. The answer: only if you wish. Most of our clients provide us with a key and/or alarm code. We perform background checks on all of our maids so you can rest assured we have your best interests at hand.

What if I need to reschedule or skip my scheduled service?

No problem. We do request at least 48 hours notice.

What if I would like to change my day of service?

We’re here to serve you. Just tell us what day best fits your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I would like additional services?

We offer the most complete and customized services available. That is why our name is “A la Maid”. Please let us know in advance, if possible, so we can allot additional time and bring the proper supplies. We are happy to provide you with an estimate of the additional cost.

Cleaning Questions

Do I need to supply my own cleaning supplies and equipment?

We ask that you do and have found that we can offer more sanitary and thorough services by doing so. Many maid services typically do not clean their equipment between homes. As a result germs and pet dander/fleas, etc. can be transmitted from one house to another. We will be happy to provide you with a list of equipment and supplies that your maid will need to leave your home spotless. Of course, our maids do have back up supplies and equipment in case of emergency.

Should I plan on a Spring cleaning every year?

Yes, we normally recommend a deep cleaning twice a year. Our services are always detailed and thorough, however many of our clients like to have our maids perform a “Clean Sweep” annually. This ensures we get to those places that aren’t part of your regular service.

I have pets. Is that a problem?

Never! We are pet owners ourselves and will treat your fur babies as if they were our own. If you have any special instructions with regards to your pets we will make note of them.

Billing and More

Why are some services cheaper than others?

Because they should be! Other cleaning companies may seem less expensive but in the long run they really aren’t. Why… because many of them give the industry a bad name by not paying taxes and hiring people illegally. You can rest assured that we run a completely legal and honest family-oriented business.

Can I pay by credit card?


When do I pay for my service?

Payment is due the day of your service. You can either leave a check on the counter or we will charge the credit card we have on file.

Should I tip my maid?

Tipping is never expected but always greatly appreciated.

Would you reward me for my referrals?

Absolutely! We are always looking to expand our family and rely upon you for your good word and referrals. If you are proud member of our family, please tell your friends, family and neighbors about us! For every referral resulting in three consecutive cleanings, you will receive one FREE cleaning!

What if I am not satisfied

We are so confident that you will love us that our services are 200% guaranteed. On the rare occasion that you aren’t happy we will promptly return within 24 hours to re-clean any unsatisfactory areas. If for some reason we cannot satisfy the matter at hand we will offer you a refund and terminate services.

Give the Gift of a Clean House

Gift certificates make great gifts for new parents, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, Mother’s / Father’s / Grandparent’s Day, etc.

Call us for more information on our services. Be sure to ask about our “Long Term Wife Insurance” and give your better half maid service for a year! What better way to ensure a full year of marital bliss!

Earn Free Cleanings

Are you proud to be a member of our A la Maid family… if so, please tell your friends, family and neighbors about us! For every new referral resulting in three consecutive cleanings, you will receive one FREE cleaning!