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Cleaning in Clinton, Connecticut: Looking With Barbara Eyes

Conversations with A la Maid's Customer Service Team

We love cleaning in Clinton, Connecticut! Although A la Maid’s office administrator Barbara Lanza was reluctant to relay the real words of wisdom she routinely advises her cleaning crews, they do speak volumes about her passion for customer service. 


Cleaning Company Office Manager

“I tell them to look with Barbara eyes,” she laughingly admits to 

telling new staff members as they head for their first day.  “When I walk in I look with eyes that are both broad and detailed at the same time,” she explains. “This ensures that I see the big picture. Those are the things that set us apart.” Particularly, when it is Lanza scheduled to conduct a periodic quality check for A la Maid customers, cleaning teams understand the stakes are high. Fortunately, the company’s staff of seasoned team leads and well-trained technicians aim to please and consistently go above and beyond, Lanza’s eagle eye expectations.

“I think one of the biggest factors, also, is that our team is a true team and always have each other’s backs. I am always impressed with their dedication and caring,” she says. “I’m truly honored to work with such caring and hardworking cleaning professionals. They impress me every day one way or another.”

Lanza’s three-year term with A la Maid follows years of customer service administration for larger corporations to include Xerox, Confluence Watersports, Orafol Americas, Zwilling, J. A. Henckels and Gannett Newspapers. When she and her husband decided to downsize and move to Clinton, Lanza found herself attracted to A la Maid’s entrepreneurial spirit and local business feel. Being able to have daily direct contact with customers and even share in their personal lives is important to Lanza as well as the staff who often become a second family to customers. “I truly enjoy our customers and their friendship,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoy them and am glad to be here to support them and be a part of their lives.”

For those who might think of the business of cleaning as both literally and figuratively sterile or impersonal, think again. From the get-go, A la Maid’s clients receive a personalized assessment of their needs when Lanza or Sales Manager Matt Kaempf go out to do an initial estimate. After touring a home, a detailed work order is created tailored to clients’ expectations. Kaempf and Lanza get specific, to include what cleaning products to be used - or not used - the home’s “hot spots” that might be in need of a little extra TLC, treasured trinkets or other beloved breakables that are not to be touched and any other critical care notes. 

As time goes by, staff begin to develop a relationship with homeowners and even their furry friends. “Our staff will get excited when they see their weekly schedules and which pets they will be visiting each week,” Lanza says. And even though it may not be in the job description, cleaning technicians routinely go above and beyond for both the pets and their people, cleaning up after accidents and letting clients know if a pet has been in distress.

That same care and consideration is also routine with regular home inspection. “We’ve had clients with burst pipes in their home and our team has been instrumental in making sure the client can get a fix from afar,” Lanza notes recognizing the urgency of reporting and diligence during these time sensitive situations. A la Maid’s cleaning crews have been clutch at these critical moments and are just as sensitive to the “small stuff;” those little everyday niceties that sometimes are overlooked - placing a child’s favorite stuffed animals just so on their bed, or making sure to display bottles and jars of spices on the counter labels-out the way the customer likes them. These are the little extra touches that make A la Maid’s service so special.  “Our team is amazing. They care deeply about their jobs, about each other and about every single customer,” Lanza reiterates. 

As a company, A la Maid also been actively working to give back to the community and be more mindful of the environment. They recently organized a charity drive they’ve called “Blessings Bags” in conjunction with customers gathering food, clothing and personal items for those in need this holiday season. And as a company committed to growth and change for the better, A la Maid is also currently in the process of transitioning to green cleaning practices using eco-friendly products. 

“We are definitely a company of people helping people,” Lanza remarks.  “Our longevity as a company, as a service business says a lot about who we are and what we do for our customers as a company - how much we care.” As she speaks so passionately about her commitment to customer service, I am beginning to see what it really means to “look with Barbara eyes;” that it goes beyond searching out an occasional stray dust bunny or two, and looking with eyes that are committed to caring.

*For more information or to schedule a cleaning consultation for your home, please feel free to reach out to Barbara in our office at (860) 664-4121 or book a free estimate online. 


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