Cleaning in Norwich, Connecticut

Norwich, CT

Cleaning in Norwich, Connecticut: Can they clean it? Polly and her team can!

A la Maid By Polly Provides a Personal Touch

Hanging on Polly “the cleaner’s” office wall is a poster from the popular children’s show Bob the Builder. A testament to tenacity, each episode Bob and his team famously exclaim “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” Three years ago when Polly started cleaning in Norwich, Connecticut, she decided they needed a mantra of their own. One that would inspire them each day. “When I first opened it was hard at the beginning,” Polly recalls. She was already a fan of Bob the Builder’s bit and it began to catch on with her team as well. “So we started to say, ‘Can we clean it? Yes we can!”

After getting involved with A la Maid, Polly picked up the trade quickly and began to explore the opportunity to open her own business. With help from A la Maid owner Amanda, what started off as Polly, one employee and four clients has grown to 80 clients with five full-time employees working out of their Norwich home base. For Polly, this is more that “just cleaning.” It is something she could call her own. Best of all, Polly gets to do what she does best everyday. Besides being the business owner, she cleans regularly with her team and is a part of each and every initial cleaning she books. It’s even become somewhat of a family affair with Polly’s husband and younger son occasionally helping her out on cleaning jobs while her older son assists with bookkeeping.

Many of Polly’s clients are long-time customers that have grown to be like family. “One client really just likes to talk with us when we’re there,” Polly explains. “We’ve even dyed her hair for her – we have pictures.” She laughs, but it stands to reason that this kind of personal touch and comfort with her growing clientele is what helps draw customers to A la Maid by Polly in the first place.


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