Ready For Work

How To Prepare Your Workplace For Re-Entry 

While non-essential businesses may not be able to reopen just yet, there are steps employers can take now to ready offices and work spaces for a safe return. Among our essential workers right now; cleaning crews are busy bees. Without a doubt these services will be booking up fast with deep cleanings of homes, offices and workplaces when the world finally begins to re-emerge. Now is the perfect time to schedule a top to bottom cleaning by professionals who have experience and will do the job safely. 

That being said, the return to work will call for a new approach to the usual workplace cleaning routine. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces will be more critical than ever. The need for a sanitary and welcoming workspace could mean assigning a few additional responsibilities to workers, or hiring a service to also perform maintenance cleaning. Here are some other ways to help create a safe and hygienic workplace: 

– Promote hand-washing by employees, contractors and customers using         signage and making sure your facility/office is well-stocked with soap,           paper towels and hand sanitizer. 

– Place hand sanitizer dispensers around the workplace and encourage use     when hand washing is not an option. 

– Strategically display posters promoting hand-washing around the                   workplace, especially around the restroom and break room. These                 materials should be available from your local public health authority.  

– Provide tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles. Be sure to empty these     receptacles frequently. 

– Stock plenty of personal protective gear if your work calls for it and have     it available for all employees to use with proper instructions. 

– Whenever possible minimize contact among workers, clients, and                   customers.

– Choose virtual or phone meetings instead of face-to-face. Alternate days         or shifts to reduce the number of employees physically in the workplace       at the same time. 

– If your budget allows, this might be the time to make a few engineering         upgrades, such as improving your facility’s ventilation system and                   installing no-touch faucets, toilets, paper towel dispensers and light                 switches. 

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