Sanitize It: Bedroom Edition

Steps To Better Clean Your Bedroom and Boudoir

It’s your sanctuary, your sacred space, your place of rest and rejuvenation –it’s your bedroom. And like your mama said many times before – it’s time to clean your room! Cleaning is a process in and of itself and for each space of your home, there’s actually a process that can help you work more efficiently and be more effective. 

And while it’s certainly the most personal space in the house, bedroom cleaning has its processes just the same. So, put on your best bedroom-cleaning-eyes, buckle down and get to business! The following is a cleaning guide with tips to get your room clean, sanitized, and looking like the restful retreat you deserve. 

Room Reconnaissance

Start by scrutinizing and scouting for clutter to clear away before getting down and dirty into any heavy cleaning. Take care of any little messes that stand in your way – a stray coffee mug or two, trash such as packaging from a new perfume, clothing tags and (ahem) sneak-a-snack wrappers or other items like books and magazines that could be better organized and dispersed. Consider keeping a small trash receptacle in your room with spare plastic bags to help keep garbage and clutter at bay. 

Clothes Collection

While you’re clearing clutter, grab a laundry basket and gather dirty clothes. Also, organize clean clothes, fold and hang as you go. 

Give your FUIs (Frequently Used Items) A Landing Space!

Having one or more organized catchalls to collect items like your favorite earrings, hair clips and lip gloss collection can help keep FUIs from cluttering your bedside table and dressers. You can find many cute and inexpensive options like decorative trays, pottery pieces or divider boxes to deal with the clutter of frequent flyers. 

Clean In Process

Once you’ve decluttered and organized a bit, start your cleaning process from the top down.

Put Your Hands In The Air…to dust your bedroom ceiling fan, shelving. Don’t worry about changing sheets yet as the snowfall of dust will inevitably land on your bedding and furniture anyway.

Extend Yourself: A cotton mop or extension duster should be used to dust the walls and corners as well. You can also use a vacuum to suck up cobwebs from hard to reach areas and vacuum any heating and air conditioning vents as well.  

Work Your Way Down: Dust and clean all lower surfaces and blinds. Be sure to choose the right product and technique for what you’re cleaning and don’t forget to dust the bed’s headboards, legs of furniture, and underneath furniture as well. 

Bedroom Touch Points: We know it’s important to clean those frequently touched areas around common living areas, but don’t forget the ones in your room! Be sure to wipe away grime from these “hot spots” in question – places like light switches, doorknobs, TV remote, if you have one in the bedroom, and the like. 

Spritz And Swipe: Grab some glass cleaner and give your windows a wash. Also be sure to vacuum, dust, or wash curtains. Don’t forget to wipe the inside of window sills while addressing your windows. 

Mirror Mirror: Wipe mirrors with glass cleaner, as well as any other glass items or nightstands if you haven’t already. 

Floor Finisher: You’re nearly done! Go ahead and vacuum your floor then mop using the product of your choice or steam mop if you prefer.

Final Touches: Remake the bed with fresh linens, plump your throws and decorative pillows and seal the deal with any additional beautifying to complete your cozy and comforting abode!  

Wait – What About The Pillows?

Quick Tip: 

Feather or down pillows should be hand washed with warm soapy water. 

Leave pillows outside to air dry if possible. 

Man-made fabric pillows can be machine washed. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is ideal to kill germs and eliminate stains.

… And The Mattress?

Start by vacuuming the mattress before addressing any stains.

Spot Clean Stains: You can also treat mattress stains with a simple solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda with a little liquid dish soap. Mix and fill a spray bottle, then spray and blot or rub mattress stains with a cleaning rag.

Baking soda alone can be used to deodorize the mattress by sprinkling it all over its surface. Let it sit for a few hours. If you did have to spot clean first, the baking soda will  absorb any residual moisture.

If you have the option, give your mattress some fresh air and sunlight. Airing your mattress outdoors is one of the best ways to eliminate germs if you’re able. Bonus – you’ll get a workout lugging it out to the yard and back!