Fixture Fixes

Ever walk into a room and wonder “why’s it so dark in here?” The answer may not be in the quality of your lighting but rather the quality of cleaning. No shame in admitting it, many of us selectively ignore light fixtures which can be challenging to clean — especially delicate fixtures such as crystal chandeliers or globed items. 

Ready For Work

While non-essential businesses may not be able to reopen just yet, there are steps employers can take now to ready offices and work spaces for a safe return.

COVID-Care For Electronics

There’s a lot of lingo being flung about the media these days with news about the COVID-19 virus constantly developing and the subject of cleanliness having become the hot topic it never was.

Shower Upon Entry?

You know how important it is to wash your hands after returning from a public outing, but in an effort to avoid exposing the household to coronavirus, is a shower-upon-entry policy something to consider?