TLC For Towels

Those of you looking to lessen your laundry load may want to avert your eyes. Sorry green cleaners and laundry loafers, it seems that many people don’t actually wash their household towels enough. 

Fear And Loathing In The Laundry Room

It never fails. I see the mesh hamper gradually filling and OCD sets in. I just can’t let it reach the top! So, time to toss in a load — but there’s no room for the hamper-full…uggh, that means two loads! Now I have to empty the dryer because yesterday was change-the-sheets day, making room for the first load of wash, in anticipation of the second. Wait, wait — what? 

Not to air any dirty laundry…

The novel coronavirus outbreak that continues to spread across the globe has forced us all to change the way we do many things in our day to day life, and as its been said many times before, and it will be said many times again : there are but few certainties in life besides it being a temporary state of being. However, one of the few constants – there will always be more laundry! 

Many of you, given the fact that you are taking notice of an article on the subject of laundry, are already versed on the subject and probably practice a measure of vigilance with regard to your cleaning and laundering routine. But for those of you with a more casual approach, as well as the laundry strategists who meticulously sort, schedule and have a complete laundry system in place; think of this as a little PSA to think about before your next laundry day. Here are a few  guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, American Red Cross and Harvard Health to stay healthy with better laundry hygiene.

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