The Gifts We Give To Ourselves

Be Happier Now

There’s true personal power to be discovered through kindness, goodwill, compassion, connection, gratitude and positive intention. But don’t take our word for it – if you’ve got 12 minutes to spare, you can experience it for yourself. Studies show you can boost your mood by simply being more compassionate and loving with your thoughts. According to research published by Iowa State University, people who practice what researchers called “loving kindness thinking” for just 12 minutes a day report being happier overall.

Study participants were asked to walk around mentally focusing their thoughts to wish happiness and goodwill to others passing by. They also took the opportunity to ponder what they might share in common with passersby. On the flip side, others were asked to dwell on appearances and external factors instead. Turns out, the loving, kindness/interconnectedness focused group reported feeling much happier and connected to the world around them.

On The Power Of Gratitude…

Who Are You Grateful For? Have You Told Them Lately? Ever?

Give yourself and Others a Gift with this Powerful Practice

Taking the time to openly express gratitude toward others can be a powerful positive experience, one that forms the foundation of author Steve Leder’s book More Beautiful Than Before. In it, Leder encourages us to take the time to verbalize feelings of gratitude to those who have made a meaningful impact for us. Leder introduces the concept of the “Gratitude Visit”, a chance to sit down with that significant person and share all the ways in which we are grateful to have them in our lives.

Leder recommends writing a gratitude statement, about 300 words or so, that highlights all the things your significant person has done to help you and make an impact in your life. “Saying it out loud means a lot,” he explains. This act of expression can be a powerful experience for both parties. Best of all, this gift of gratitude doesn’t cost a thing and gives so much in return.

With Love, Joy, and Gratitude – Happy Holidays!